CampaignINTEL & America's Greatest Maker


increase in
tune-in intent


increase in
brand awareness


increase in social engagement
for re-targeted users


brand negative
perception shift


Drive awareness of and excitement for the series premiere of an MGM and Intel produced TV show called America’s Greatest Maker that encourages participants to demonstrate what they could do with Intel technology. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to revive Intel’s brand image by marketing it as more than just a software company, but an innovative brand that appeals to and inspires a target demographic of 16-30 year olds.


Started with a massive awareness push on the Fullscreen Media Network using reserve media hyper-targeted to millennials with an affinity for science and technology. Next, we retargeted those same YouTube viewers on Facebook. This unique form of cross-platform retargeting was made possible by Spotlight, a component of Prism, Fullscreen's proprietary suite of media tools. The campaign was so effective at driving earned impressions that we were able to use remaining budget to further optimize for website clicks to the entry page as an added value.


Fullscreen prioritized engagement & consistent messaging to drive user generated content submissions & tune-in. We built conversion among potential viewers & fans.