Influencer Plus is Fullscreen's native content solution that delivers customized social posts and video callouts by many elite digital creators at once.

What Influencer Plus does

Influencer Plus draws on the power of social influencers who connect with their audiences daily across multiple platforms. They are more influential than traditional celebrities, as they understand how to speak authentically to their audience and are passionate about their interests.

How it works

It's easy: we’ll provide you with a list of brand-safe creators, tailored to your goals and demographic. Then you review and select your favorites, align on talking points for your campaign, and let the influencers create content for you.

Case Studies

Bud Light: Influencers drove clickthrough for the UpForWhatever campaign
Mattel: Uno’s rebrand was brought to life with Instagram
SyFy: Influencers drove tune-in to new series, 12 Monkeys
Esquire: Knife Fight’s sweepstakes had a promotional boost via Instagram

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